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MikeJ9116 wrote:

I think the EOS M system is going the way of what Canon has done with the ASP-C DSLR line and the EF-S mount. It has taken 15 years to get the EF-S lenses we have today, which aren't all that many. They are generally good performers but Canon will not allow the EF-S line to encroach on sales of the EF line in any major way. The EF-S 17-55mm is as good as Canon has allowed the EF-S lens line to get. Look for the same thing to happen to the EF-M line.

The EOS M cameras will also likely follow the APS-C DSLR formula. That is a mostly consumer grade bodies with one or two upper tier models, if any at all. I don't think we will see a M camera comparable to the 7D series any time soon. I also think any upcoming FF MILC will use a unique mount and rely on an adapter to use EF lenses. Then we will see a slow rollout of new native lenses occur over several years.

I also think Canon sees a FF MILC the same as they saw the EOS M system when it appeared. That is something to stop the bleeding of existing DSLR users from jumping off the Canon ship entirely. What they offer will be lacking in features and capability and they hope that it will be good enough to keep existing users on the Canon plantation. Sony's 7/3 at $2k is just something they can't compete against at this time, IMO. In all likelihood, the reason Canon is even offering a FF MILC is because of pressure from Sony. It is a reaction (i.e. defensive) to them and not a proactive stance they have taken.

Then again, maybe Canon will surprise me but it has been a long time since they have done this in a big way.

Consider this though. Camera sales are flat or declining. So in order to stimulate sales it makes no sense at all for Canon to make a half hearted FF mirrorless . If they do that the people who want mirrorless are still going to buy mirrorless but possibly not Canon mirrorless. DSLRs are unlikely to jump up in popularity just because Canon's mirrorless offering might be lukewarm, so your theory of protecting the DSLR market seems flawed also.

And if Canon want to also stimulate lens sales they are more likely to be able to do it with brand new FF mirrorless versions than try and sell yet more EF lenses to a customer base that already owns most of them and is both ageing and declining anyway.

So I think your supposed strategy for FF Mirrorless might be proved incorrect. And with regard to not being able to match Sony's 7/3 at $2k I suspect it will be more a case of not wanting to rather than can't. If my information is correct Sony may not be able to maintain that price level themselves for much longer - not unless it gains them massive extra volume and market share, which it shows little sign of achieving at the moment.

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