PL 50-200 Samples and Potential Issues

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Re: PL 50-200 Samples and Potential Issues

RSColo wrote:

I went out this morning to take a few shots with my new lens. A fair number were not ideally focused, to put it mildly. It was partly overcast, so there are some sun and shade. There was a light breeze. I varied between IBIS on my EM 1.2 and OIS on the lens. I thought the image info would tell me which each shot used but I couldn't find it when looking briefly. I'm guessing that the issues are:

  • Subject moving (breeze)
  • Me moving forward and backward slightly
  • Camera vibration (no tripod)
  • Auto focus issues (most were shot using auto focus)

Maybe you folks can figure out which shots are due to each. Then I can figure out if I need more depth of field or faster exposure or something else. I'm hoping I don't need to tripod most shots. This lens is a lot lighter than my 50-200mm SWD and I am hoping to take more handheld shots.

All images are SOOTC JPGs.

Thanks for your advice.

1/15 sec... Shaken, not blurred. Can be done, but needs patience, many shots and a bit of luck, even with OIS / IS. I have had some success with the older 50-200 SWD and EM1.2, but not 100% keepers on same kind of situations... More like 5% keepers, sometimes less. But this is Ok.

I can't find the exact focus point. F8? Try F4 or F5.6 and maybe a bit higher ISO, like 400 or 800.

A bit of wind...Higher iso could be used, and this kind of magenta-red seems to be hard for the Oly sensor. Underexpose some 0.3 - 0.7, so there will be more details. Shoot raw!

OK. A bit lighter and more contrast version should have more kick. Use raw... But these were try-outs, so don't mind the comments too much.

WInd... Shorter shutter speed and more shots, some will come out right.

Didn't stop when asked, how sad. But again, higher iso, shorter shutter speed etc. And enough shots, something like 20 -100. Never trust the first shot to be the perfect!

Seems to be a nice lens!

PS. The cattail part went somewhere... There seems to be some wind going on, and the focus point was on the leaf. Also the DOF @f3.2 was not deep enough to cover the "tail". Higher iso could be the answer.

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