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AlbertTheLazy wrote:

Hight Fly wrote:

The thing is, i don't even know really myself what I want.

I sympathise. Phototeach and I have been doing this for over half a century. Lots of similar experience but very different opinions at the end of it. The big difference is that I try to take people's needs into account. Once or twice I've even recommended an fz1000!

The problem is that it's hard to cover all the possibilities in photography with one camera, so let's start with you. Are you likely to put the effort in to learn how to get the most out of an 'advanced' camera? Are you prepared to carry the extra weight that an interchangeable lens camera entails? Are you prepared to spend the first few months of your new hobby using relatively inexpensive equipment so that this time next year you will really know what you need to buy?

Answering those questions will help you choose between the D300 and the fz1000.

I love to learn, this is my passion, and so I am ready to invest time, even months, to learn how to perfectly use my camera and to cover all the possibilities it offers.

I am prepared to carry the extra weight, because I used to wear my father's DSLR when I was a child whilst hiking. Since then, I have never wore a mirrorless camera, so I don't know that I'll lose anyway (in herms of weight gains).

So what is better?

Concerning the zoom (16-80), it is because I want to start with a really great zoom, to have sharp images and a nice aperture, to get some bright shots, and shoot at light. Like I've said, I am very enthusiast at beginning into photography and I want the best to begin with (but of course I have a budget otherwise I would just buy the 17-70mm from Nikon haha).

What would you rather recommend then?


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