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Re: Beginning into photography

Hight Fly wrote:

Thanks a lot for you feedbacks!

I'll deeply consider this option then.

Is there anything better about the 16-80mm lens that will perform better than the bridge?

Furthermore, if it is that much better, why do people keep buying DSLRs used and used lenses when they could get this one? The OVF is probably not their only reason.

Thanks again for your concern,


Many, including "me", once shared the opinion that only "larger", (FF/DX), sensors could possibly produce a clean image.

It was only when circumstances forced me to buy/use a (

small (1/2.3" - FZ200), camera, (on an Alaska cruise) -- not expecting very good IQ/noise.

I was surprised when I found the images were not nearly as bad as I expected.  (and I printed 20"x30" from it)

But I was even amazed to find I had shot 10X the number of images I normally would have because of the convenience of its additional options & features.

I used it for two years and then got the FZ1000 because it had even more options & features., (and a 4X larger sensor so I am now printing 24"X36" posters).

Most others here have never used it and still feel the same way I used to think, (before trying it).

The most predominant regulars only have FF/DX so recommend what they still have, (ILC-dSLR).

I also have over $25,000 in gear since 1959, but will probably never use them again unless needed for some specific tasks, (like a Boat-Anchor).

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