So I Rented a Canon 6D Mark II For A Air Show Photo Shoot...

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So I Rented a Canon 6D Mark II For A Air Show Photo Shoot...

So I went into a local rental house to lock down a rental camera for a recent air show. Problem was that they didn't have my first choice, a 5D Mark IV available, nor did they have a 7D Mark II. But they did have a 6D Mark II available, which I decided to go for, along with the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM lens.

I've been reviewing some of the files that have come out of the shoot, and I'm suitably impressed. It's a massive upgrade over my Rebel T6i in terms of performance, as I was getting more keepers than before, and the ISO performance improvement is impressive.

For example, take this picture:

This was at ISO 5000. OK, ISO 5000 and it's relatively clean. My Rebel T6i would have been totally useless past ISO 3200. And it is sharp too, despite the long focal length and slow shutter speed. Not bad.

And then, I had a chance to review this picture once back at a computer and can look at it much more closely than just the back of the screen:

This was shot at ISO 12800. 12800(!), and it's perfectly usable. Had this been my Rebel T6i, it would have been grainy as hell and completely useless. Holy cow, I'm impressed.

I also highly appreciated some of the usability features of the 6D Mark II; like the Rebel that I have, it has a articulated touch screen. I was able to get a picture of this A-4 Skyhawk from very low on the ground without having to lay down on the ground:

If I had gotten a 5D Mark IV, or a 7D Mark II, the only way I could have gotten this shot was by lying down on the ground; extremely difficult as this was an escorted group tour of the hot side, and I had my camera bag on my back.

In terms of autofocusing performance, I noticed that the 6D Mark II was very quick to autofocus with the 100-400 Mk II when I had it setup to use zone AF, and did so accurately without the entire setup hunting. The AF point spread was acceptable and I wasn't bothered by how clustered the AF points where considering the camera I came from.

In all, I'm very impressed by the 6D Mark II. Editing the pictures from the 6D Mark II is an absolute joy compared to a Rebel T6i, and I would gladly rent one again, or even consider buying one for myself. The only thing I missed was more reach with my existing EF 100-400 II; but that can be fixed by getting a teleconverter to regain the reach I had with an APS-C sensor.

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