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Hight Fly wrote:

Thanks a lot for your opinion.

But in the end, isn't it the same for the bridge you're talking to me about?

If I bought the bridge you advise to me that was released a few years ago, when I'll resell my lenses, there will be so many and especially some made by the best companies (Nikon/Canon), so the price will drop by a lot. So that I buy a 16-80mm lens or the bridge you advise to me, it is the same.

Actually is it not a all the same. It is a difference between night and day.

I do accept that you are getting the "camera" free. But the (one) "used" lens alone will likely cost more than you can get a "new" FZ-1000. (you can get a used FZ for <$500)

Lets accept that both are exactly the same price -- and even the resale value may both drop the same.

It is still a fact that there is no comparison what-so-ever between the capabilities you will have w/ FZ. It is quicker/easier to learn, and will offer better images.

I am not going to repeat the earlier "list" of options I posted, but that was only about a third of its total options/features that you can use to your advantage, (even if you don't know what they are right now -- you can easily learn).

They include "auto" bracketing, HDR, Multiple-Exposure, Time-Lapse for both still-shots and animated movies, (in 4K).

Also Panoramic. Don't forget the 5-axis IBIS, faster AF (in low-light to -4EV which only a couple of $5K dSLR's can now do).

Faster AF, LIVE-VIEW, and the fully-articulating LCD.

And a (built-in) strobe you can use in SUN-light to 20' fill-flash.

Hand-Held NIGHT-shot for low light.

Finally factor that your $600 is only getting you a (16-80) 24 to 120mm-EFL compared to 24 to 400mm-EFL. Note that a 400mm @ f/4 would costs $1000's.

The below photos are "Straight Out OF Camera" ... (w/ NO PP what-so-ever).

Most are impossible w/ dSLR's ... (especially in same price range) ...

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