What is there to "cover"??

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What is there to "cover"??

Now and again I read posts where people suggest that one might want to cover as much of the focal length spectrum as possible e.g. a recent post regarding travel suggested to take the 16-55/2.8 and the 50-140/2.8 to "cover" all possibilities (within reason I would assume, nothing going below 16mm and nothing above 140mm).

I thought that this approach doesn't address 2 main aspects of photography:

  • The human eye doesn't zoom. It focuses but doesn't pull things in.
  • Do people who use those 2 zooms "think" in 124 different focal lengths? Or is this only a matter of framing?

For me here is the rub: When I go to a museum (where I really don't know what exactly I would shoot there) I might take a macro or a lens that would suit the museum. And when I take portraits I don't typically stand somewhere and then zoom in to frame but frame as I want the portrait to look. "Zoom with your feet" is a misnomer in my opinion as there is no zoom but an angle, a distance and then there is compression.

If that was all true would you then really need anything beyond a mid-size macro, a wide aperture portrait lens and a wide angle that suits the way you perceive the world?

Or do you really "need" to have 124 different focal lengths - to be what - ready??


P.S.: disclaimer: I am aware that there are situations where you stand on one side of a canyon trying to get a certain shot and can't so a zoom might help, but typically you have an idea what you want to shoot and then look for it instead of looking, then zooming and framing what comes as a surprise.

Maybe for another day a thread of what jumped in front of you and you weren't prepared but the gear was great, so you took the shot!

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