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May I respectfully ask WHY the "D300". Do you have a used one on a special deal available ???

That is now an older camera and may I suggest you look at Mirror-Less cameras.

AND if budget is an issue, may I suggest you can get a lot more for your money with a 1"-type bridge camera, (ala FZ-1000).

ALL Mirror-Less cameras do things not possible w/ dSLR's, (because of the inherent limitations of their "mirrors").

That is indeed a good point you raise. When I started doing my researches, like you advised, I oriented myself towards Mirrorless Cameras, more specifically the Olympus EM-10 II (that is what I thought I'd get at the end of my researches). But after a while, an acquaintance of mine told me he had an old D300 in perfect condition he did not use, so he's gonna give to me.

Long story short, I'm gonna get the D300 in perfect condition for free.

Well ... can't argue with "free" ... LOL

And the D300 is not a "bad" camera. BUT ... you do need to consider what your (eventual) cost for "lenses" will be, (albeit you can get used from eBay, etc.).

Do you reckon it is still better to invest on a Mirrorless camera?

Well ... maybe ...

And the Olympus is also good, BUT ... again you will eventually spend a lot on lenses.

I can only "suggest" you may want to "look" at a FZ-1000 first ... it could still be your cheapest and BEST option.

A STEAL-VALUE @ only $600 new, (<$500 used), with (close-focusing) "continuous" zoom lens that is wider/longer/FASTER then typical "kit" lenses. (25-400mm-EFL @ f/2.8-4)

It has features that are not possible w/ dSLR's or Interchangeable lens cameras.

It has a faster AF and better (5-axis) Image-Stabilization than dSLR, (which is limited to 2-axis In-Lens VR).

Frame rate to 12fps.

And even 4K-video.

With EVF you have a direct visual-feedback when making exposure/WB adjustments/corrections and "zebras" for easy/FAST exposure optimization via ETTR.

(so it is MUCH faster/easier to LEARN to use, and eventually get better-exposed images w/ lower-noise) Note that is also has a "Hand-Held NIGHT-shot" mode for lower-light.

And what could be very important, is that it has a "LEAF" shutter than can flash-sync at ANY shutter speed so you can get SUN-light fill-flash to 20', (w/ BUILT-IN FLASH).

The only areas where it shows its age are high ISO noise and the fact that it's only 12MP.

Excuse me for the novice question, but what does it really mean? It is the resolution that is worst?

I understand what higher noise mean, just the fact that it is "only 12 MP".

I often heard people say that it doesn't mean nothing, and you can have 16 MP cameras that are really bad.

Yes, 12mpx is sufficient for most anyone.  The m4/3's are only 16mpx.

Many say that 8mpx is sufficient unless you need to "crop" portions of an image and enlarge that.

The biggest drawback is simply that it is a 10yo "design" and will get more noisy at lower ISO than current sensors are capable of.

So even though it is a larger/heavier camera/lens than the FZ-1000, the FZ is capable of higher ISO for lower-light.  (and the FZ will actually AF under moon-light @ -4EV)

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