FZ1000, Perseids, 500 Rule, which focal length to use?

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Re: FZ1000, Perseids, 500 Rule, which focal length to use?

Flycaster wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Flycaster wrote:

What is the dark mask and how is it disabled?

It is in the "camera" (top) menu list ... look for "Long Shtr NR" (Long Shutter Noise Reduction). select and change to "off"

LSRN was already OFF.

ISO 1600 will show "stars" (bright ones) ..... but the "Milky Way" is millions/billions/trillions of "dimmer" stars, (and will pick up the (dimmer) "meteors" better.

But won't an ISO of 3200 introduce quite a large amount of noise? Obviously, there is a trade-off: Brighter images, but with more noise. OK, so more noise with 3200, does handling it with software (I use NIK) blur the image too much?

BTW, it looks as though tonight will be relatively clear (at least it is now.) Tested everything, all seems to be working fine. Camera is outside acclimating between the A/C and the outside humidity. Sharply focused, f/2.8, ISO 1600, 20" exposures every 20" for 300 shots. Time lapse set to go off when I first depress the shutter...fingers crossed.

Noise is a function of exposure, not ISO. When you bring up the darker ISO 1600 shot to the same brightness as the ISO 3200, you will also essentially equalize the noise.

Good luck.


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