FZ1000, Perseids, 500 Rule, which focal length to use?

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Re: FZ1000, Perseids, 500 Rule, which focal length to use?

I suspect you still have the "dark-mask" and that delays the next shot.

You can disable that and then program to fire more quickly after the end of each.

So I would set it for a 25sec exposure -- to repeat every 30sec. (w/ lens set to 25mm-EFL WA)

But make SURE you are properly "MANUAL" focused on (sharp) infinity, (and f/2.8 @ ISO-3200).

What is the dark mask and how is it disabled?

By the 500 rule with 25mm FL, means I'll be taking shots with 20 sec exposures.  And, I've changed the interval time so that there will only be a 20 sec pause between shots.

From last night's failure, I did reap one image and that was a good image (sharp stars, no trailing stars) with an ISO of 1600.  Which leads me to ask: Why go to 3200 when 1600 did well and Sky & Telescope recommended (a reliable source) 1600?  Although, there also are other reliable sources that recommend 3200.

Manual focus and f/2.8, check.

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