FZ1000, Perseids, 500 Rule, which focal length to use?

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Re: FZ1000, Perseids, 500 Rule, which focal length to use?

dsjtecserv wrote:

Flycaster wrote:

A typical star/Milky-Way exposure is f/2.8(3) @ ISO-3200 @ 30-seconds.

I remember it as 3@3@3.

If you want to use 6400-ISO you can use 15-seconds.

Although my first attempt at time lapsed nighttime photography didn't work, I somehow did capture one night sky image. That image looked pretty good in the monitor. Starts were clear dots and there was no star trailing. With a 25mm lens, I used 20 sec exposures, every 60 sec, for 200 shots. I originally had the iso set at 3200, but got nervous that the setting may have been too high, so I reset to 1600. Will be trying again tonight and hopefully I can get the time lapse to work properly.

Once again, I'm going to urge you to reconsider your "every 60 seconds" schedule. Shooting for only 20 seconds out of very 80 seconds means you are cutting you chances of catching meteors by 75 percent. Your confidence that you'll "get enough" is misplaced; very few meteor photographers complain of getting too many meteors. Also, and this is important, not all meteors are the same. Most are short and/or relatively dim -- they aren't very rewarding to have captured. But every so often a big one happens, and that may be the one you want to make your night. But if your shutter is open only 25 percent of the time, there's a darn good chance you are just going to miss it.

There really is no downside to shooting continuously. You produce a lot of images. At the end of the session gather them up, have a close look at them on the computer, tag the ones that show nothing and delete them, and in short order you have the group of images that are worth working with.


Yep ... if your going to "do it" ... then "DO IT" !!!

You can guarantee you will "miss" a good one while reviewing/deleting ...

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