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Re: Canon - where are the quality zoom lenses...

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I am afraid there are not enough customers willing to pay its price.

And there you have it in a nutshell.
If Canon thought they could make money with fancier EF-M zooms, they would make them. A tiny handful of DPR forum members do not a market make.

Whether it is DSLR or mirrorless, crop or full frame, all current systems have an f2.8 standard zoom. The two notable exceptions are Canon EF-M and Sony crop mirrorless. Suggesting that these lenses would not be profitable doesn't match reality.

Yes, I agree, the reality is that Canon fully well knows that such a lens would be highly profitable and they are not releasing one for the M system because, of spite?

That would be a very cynical assumption. More likely, Canon doesn't want the M system to be viewed as a viable alternative to their much more lucrative full frame system. Or maybe, based on promotional videos, Canon thinks the M systme is only for young Asian women.

Why would you assume that "Canon doesn't want the M system to be viewed as a viable alternative to their much more lucrative full frame system" or more to the point that their FF system is more lucrative in any case?

Nobody here knows what the manufacturing costs or the profitability of any of these items is.

While no detailed numbers are published, the text of quarterly financial statements often mention the increased profit margin of higher tier products. For a bit of anecdotal evidence, compare an 80D to a 6D II. The two cameras are nearly identical, except for the larger sensor in the 6D II. Yet, the 6D II is priced $800 (66%) higher than the 80D. Full frame sensors, and image sensors in general, are nowhere near that expensive.

This is not a Canon only phenomenon. In most industries, higher tier products have higher profit margins. The automotive industry is a classic example. The fully loaded option package doesn't really cost the automaker $10,000 more than the base option package.

Of course what you say is true, and I would imagine many people understand that. However my point was that there is a strong tendency on this forum at least for certain people to claim that mirrorless is cheaper to produce than DSLR. When asked how they know this the answer is usually something along the lines of "It's common knowledge" or "it must be so because of all the parts involved"

Must it? From my experience DSLR mirror assemblies are well developed, manufactured in vast quantities and are not really that expensive. On the other hand a high quality EVF is not a particularly cheap component either, so ..............

You need to look beyond the component cost of an EVF vs mirror with pentaprism. A DSLR has a pentaprism, image sensor, mirror, AF module, and lens flange that are all must maintain precision alignment with one another. A mirrorless camera only requires the image sensor and lens flange remain parallel. How much money did Nikon lose on warranty claims for improper AF alignment with the D800? How much extra precision equipment is required to test and repair a DSLR AF system vs a mirrorless AF system? How many warranty claims are there for front/back focusing lenses on DSLRs vs mirrorless?

I can't speak for Nikon, or the unfortunate situation with their recent warranty claim costs, but I do know that pentaprisms are not that expensive (and pentamirrors are even cheaper), nor are mirror box assemblies including mirrors, and for the company I worked for most of the setting up of these systems is largely automated.

Of course ultimately mirrorless are likely to become cheaper in the future as the cost of electronic components comes down but if we are talking about today the costs are not as different as some here seem to imagine.

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