Nikon's large mount is a fascinating but confusing decision

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Re: Huh? Consistency

KWNJr wrote:

robblackett wrote:

KWNJr wrote:

I would think that, in a newly designed system, that the manufacturer strives for consistency between all it's lenses and the sensor designed for that (and future) camera(s) in the system.

Yes, ideally.

i.e the light rays should fall at the same angle, at each part of the image, no matter which lens is used. This way the micro-lenses can be designed with a known angular input.

Not always possible in practice. Consider the differences in design between, say, a 16mm and an 800mm.

True. But the more extreme wide angles would already be a retrofocus design (for DSLRs); it would be their decision on how much compatability they are willing to design in.

And there will be a number of people with legacy lenses, or users wishing to use 3rd party lenses for whom such a sensor design utilising micro lenses might not be a great idea at all. Of course whether manufacturers can realistically be expected to take such users into account is debatable.

Might be a strategy to get people to buy the new lenses. If they build an adapter for their own legacy lenses, incorporating optical elements, it can adjust the output of the legacy lenses to be closer to the new design.

I think what you are more likely to see is the increased use of software fine tuning of lens output within the camera.

Manufacturers realise as well as anyone else that highly corrected, superb quality lenses tend to be large, heavy and of course expensive and that there is a limited audience that such lenses will appeal and be sold to.

But now that dedicated software can be designed to correct many residual aberrations, much lighter, smaller and therefore cheaper lenses can do a very good job.  Of course where this leaves 3rd party lens manufacturers, or those wishing to use such lenses on another manufacturer's body is another matter. Although it might be possible to physically mount them with a suitable adaptor the results might still be unusable from an image quality point of view.

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