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Klaus dk wrote:

Hight Fly wrote:

Thanks for your quick feedback, I really do appreciate.

I reckon it'd indeed better to start with a zoom, I just read my stuff saying that it is also good to start with primes to "learn how to move and not just rely on your camera" which makes sense but is a bit... Stretched out. If you see what I mean.

Anyway: do your think it is better to invest on the 16-80mm or to take the oldest one, the 17-55? They are 150€ different which could save me money for a later purchase, which could be accessories like tripod etc.

Do you think it is worth it to invest that little more for a newer one? Especially if I buy a brand new one at 589€.



I found thisreview of the 16-80 and it seems to me to be good value for money. It's even a 1/2 to a full stop brighter than my 15-85, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

You'll often hear advocates for primes say that you can "zoom with your feet". In some situations you can fill the frame with your subject if you go closer, but that will change the perspective, and in some cases it's impossible (a mountain, the moon) or impractical (tigers).

I was at a party once with, ("professional"), photographers.  He raised his camera to shoot the moon w/ 200mm lens, and said, "Its pretty small".

I said "get closer" -- and he STARTED WALKING, (that was about 15 years ago and we have no idea where he is now).

If the zoom teaches you to never move relative to your subject and always shoot only one frame from where you stand, I'd say you might benefit from using a prime for a couple of weeks. But even if you think a prime is a good tool for learning, you should consider if it's also a good tool for daily shooting.

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