Astro Berlin 200mm 3.5 Cinema lens for gh4 (and soon Gh5)

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Re: Astro Berlin 200mm 3.5 Cinema lens for gh4 (and soon Gh5)

nutid wrote:

From 42 to 62 step up ring here ?

Well, my 600mm and 800mm Astro Berlin have a different mount.  It is a 70mm  female thread.  So, I cannot give you an example of how I use these two lenses to achieve infinite focus.  But, I did find an even better example showing you a project with essentially the same idea.  Here is the post I made some months ago: My 2018 First Project: Komura 500/7 for Bronica on Sony NEX6.

Please review the procedure before start buying anything.  In that project, I knew the lens has a 57mm thread, whereas your lens has a 62mm.  So, the idea goes as follows:

  1. The first ring has to be a step-down ring.  Because your lens thread is 62mm, try a 72-62 or even 77-62 step ring so that you will have a 62mm female thread for you to screw the lens into that female thread.
  2. Now you need some step UP rings to go from 42mmx1mm to either 72mm or 77mm.  Because I don't have that lens, if the the 62mm thread on the lens is NOT very deep, a 67-62mm step-down ring may be enough.  Note that there are TWO versions of 42mm step rings.  The first one is 42mm x 1mm (i.e., pitch size = 1mm), the so-called M42 standard, and the second one is 42mm x 0.75mm (i.e., pitch size = 0.75mm, the commonly used thread size for filters, etc.).  When you buy step rings, ask the seller to make sure the last ring going from 42mm to some thread size (52mm in my post)  is a 42mm x 1mm.  This is extremely important, because if you buy a 42mm x 0.75mm  step ring, it won't fit completely.   Here is an example of the 42x1 - 52 step up ring.  BTW, the 42mm x 0.75mm is the Tamron T2 thread.
  3. The remaining should be the same as discussed in that project.  Basically, you will need an adapter from M42 to Micro 4/3 with Helicoid.  Please refer to the above mentioned post for the details.  There are many such adapters available on eBay: M42 to Micro 4/3 Adapter with Helicoid .
  4. Because you have an Arri lens whose flange distance is 52mm, the tube you built like the one I have is going to be kind of long, actually longer than left tube shown in your picture.  As a result, I would suggest that you buy TWO adapters with helicoid.  More precisely, buy one M42 to M42 adapter with helicoid and a M42 to Micro 4/3 adapter helicoid, the longer the better.

In fact, what you need to do is very similar to my project.  Just replacing my 72-57 step down ring with a 72-62 step ring, and adjusting the total length of both adapters.  Then, you should be able to shoot with this Astro Berlin lens.

Hope this helps.


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