Are flashguns supposed to be unreliable?

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Are flashguns supposed to be unreliable?


I use a Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash and Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter for Sony both privately and sometimes also for professional work - and I have achieved good results with this setup many times.

What bothers me is that the flash fires extremely inconsistently. Sometimes the flash fires when I press the shutter button, and often it does not, with the exact same settings.

In my mind, M (Manual) means that the flash is supposed to fire when I want it to regardless of ambient light - is this correct? Also the camera is set to M.

Very often the flash does not even fire when I press the Test button on the flashgun (with fresh batteries)! Does this mean that the flash is broken? I cannot fathom any other explanation.

I had to send back the first Phottix flashgun I got as it was too unreliable after a few weeks, and the second one I got has started to become unusable too, after a couple of months. I just never know when these things will work or not.

I usually shoot in M mode (both camera and flash), both with the flash on camera and off camera.

Are flashguns known to be this way? Why is the flash working on Wednesday and not on Thursday - even though I did not touch a single setting and both flash and camera are in Manual mode?

- If there a "flashgun lottery" as with CPUs? You never know if your flashgun is going to work or not?

- Do I need to purchase expensive Broncolor gear if i want consistent flash?

- Is Phottix known to be crap?

- Am I the only one with this problem?

- Do you believe that it is my settings rather than the flashgun?

I would love a discussion on this. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.


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