FF to M4/3, right for me?

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FF to M4/3, right for me?

I know there is a lot of banter on this subject, but I want some opinions specific to my situation. I am seriously thinking of making the switch. I don't even know which camera it would be yet. If it weren't for the time invested to learn a new system I would probably jump now. But it is very comforting knowing your equipment inside and out. I would also have to sell my current gear and spend an extra $1k to buy new.

I have dabbled with Oly m10ii, Fuji-xt1,  Canon m5, and others.. None of them have stuck for me. I realized that I would need to go all in on the best gear and put in the time if I were to be happy with the switch.

A majority of my photography these days is done far from the vehicle with everything on my back. Sometimes days at a time in the elements.

The pros of switching are pretty obvious. A M4/3 kit would be almost exactly half the weight of my FF kit with equivalent lenses, and the panny 50-200mm is a stop faster than my Canon 100-400mm. I don't do much video now, but I might with the higher capabilities.

Here are my concerns in the order of importance:

1. Durability

No matter the weather I just pull my Canon 5Ds out and shoot. Rain, dust, and 20 below 0 temps have never given me any issue.

How do the M4/3 flagship bodies rate? Seems like I hear about a lot of issues with Fuji, but not so much from the M4/3 bodies.

2. Image quality

I like detailed photos. Printing is my final step, often 20x30". I know there will be times I would miss the 5Ds. I can shoot at 400mm and crop to a M4/3 size, and would still have similar IQ to the M4/3, no? Am I missing something?

I have also printed large at 2000 iso on 5Ds photos with great results. Will the newest M4/3 bodies be this capable?

3. Auto focus

I am more concerned with low light af than fast moving objects. I don't shoot a lot of bif or anything too crazy. I do often shoot lowlight. Such as 3200 iso, f1.4, ss 1/30 kind of light. The 5Ds does get pretty slow, but it will lock focus if subject has a little contrast.

This is probably a harder thing to judge without the cameras side by side, but what is your experience?

How is the tracking on fast moving objects?

4. Wide angle photos

Wide angle photos concern me. I don't often carry my wide angle lens because I try to cut some bulk, but I probably would with the size of M4/3. My concern is the distortion. I am assuming that an 8mm focal legth that is equivalent to a 16mm on FF will have much more distortion. What has your experience been?

I appreciate feedback, but please give me some honest and useful opinions. Try to stay away from the "M4/3 is just as good in every aspect" comments. I know there are tradeoffs, just want to hear some of the opinions from others that were once in my position, or tried M4/3 and went back to FF.

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