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Re: Exhibit: Hurricane Harvey

abiquiuense wrote:

Harvey Rawn wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Harvey Rawn wrote:

could not destroy this Houston homeowner's sense of humor.

The competition must have been fierce. One of my daughters' partner lead a lunch relief effort from NM to Texas. I've never seen oil, in big, as it must be in Houston. What do the workers say? Is the propensity for mixing oil and water measured in profits? Have oil drums ever been featured in DPR?

My first grader granddaughter just saw this photo and asked; "Did that house fall down?" A fierce concern in her voice. So, that's gonna hit the pillow with me tonight.

Does the word "satirical" form part of this picture? I don't know. At ten p.m., not even the most upbeat announcement compels my poetry. Back in the day of "just upgraded to color tv," a huge beer delivery system would feature a little bear dancing in the middle of a brook. And, they would sing; "from the land of sky blue waters, YADA YADA." Much later, after my beer drinking days, it dawned on me that one of the greatest factors influencing my teenage choice in beer was that commercial that I would watch, as my father watched the news, and I smelled the edge of the can, and learned to read that yellow label. No, I don't think the word is satirical, I think its subliminal.

If you're as old as I am, twenty-nine, or thereabouts, you've been the beneficiary of non-stop sensory overload about the fuel that we put in our cars, and have been putting since gas cost .32 cents per gallon. If you don't look at the commercial, they get your peripheral vision. So, that's the pattern for a working stiff until retirement.

Gotta break out of the box and demand that they give us retirement age pay through our formative years. Just give us a weekly, minimum wage allowance. Yea, you know, drive up to the self serve money outlet and get some to use as we please. I could send some of that money to the Sierra Club, or Forest Guardians, or my local Toastmasters. I would talk about how my retirement benefits have the same economic value as my salary, for a starting teacher in NM, when I began my career. If, they had just "given" me that amount then, and let me go fishing, I'd be the happiest guy now, and I know all yous would be very happy today also. And, happy people consume a lot. How do you like them apples? No, I think this is more sarcasm on my part and no satire.

Sorry, I can't bring myself to laugh through your picture, and I think that's because the honeymoon is over between me and your picture, and the shock value has worn off. This picture could also be of a pile of waste the local, gated community has agreed to focus to raise funds for sidewalk improvement, and this I say having no gated community within thirty miles of my home for experience.

So, maybe for you, the way to participate in this great democracy, and this first-ever "climate change contest" in DPR, is to question authority. Take pictures of what they don't want you to see. Now that I've made photographic comments, you shouldn't enter this photo in the challenge, but, if you took a picture of oil rushing into the sea, . . .

Please, do lose some sleep over climate change. Please do find a way to make a political statement without words.

Thanks Harvey,

Tomorrow I'm gonna get writer's remorse.


I remember "from the land of sky blue waters" well. Drank some of their beer too. Tell your granddaughter that the house in the background flooded and the debris is what had to be removed to allow repairs to me made. I think the sign is a "laugh to keep from crying" mechanism. I was impressed by the owner's resilience. It was in Texas, of course...

Unless I get on the bed of a '51 Chevy, I'm not gonna know what a 100 mph wind feels like. You have to communicate not just the breeze, but the gale. And, then that gale has to turn around and shoot the breeze through you. I'm all eyes for your letters. If I work at it, I hear you. You want to advocate for the poor smock (not my mothers word). You're an empath.

Your photo has to survive the first sixteen seconds for every viewer and those sixteen seconds had to have been born in even less time than it takes to make the decision to have taken the photo. What was on your mind when you took it?

There were thousands of homes with similar devastation and piles of debris out front. Most homeowners I met were reeling from the tasks of recovering. This guy's attitude grabbed me.

One of the dmnnst things that happens to me out in our wilderness of arroyos is that "trash heaps" fixate me. I get flaggerbasted (not my mom's word either.) My shutter release suddenly releases super glue and shoots every derned toothing object in it. By the time I realise it, I've used up the entire roll of film. So, I've learned to macro the small things; plastic cars, dolls, bits of ribbon, and I leave the big items alone. When I stash my negatives, I'll have built a library of small items to submit to the "challenge forum."

A little hint; avert your eyes, use your side view, corner of your eye. Look at it, but, quite don't look at it. What's in the pile? I see a "run away kit." Can you get close? Can you move something from the other side of the pile that can be brought forward and arranged into a "still life" which picture will beg a tear because that's what everyone will wish they had when the Ice Cap melts and we'll move to higher ground leaving behind our cities and parking lots and a valise goes floating by; see? just like that, no commas, no uppercases, just visualizations flashing by and you hold the camera, simple.

I admire photographers who create such images.

I really oughta stop taking pictures of outer space and go get that valise. Maybe I can thumb a ride to Mars, or somewhere advertised in Star Trek. "Bonanza" ran those beer commercials.


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I stop for photo ops.

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