Another "Which body?" post. 1DsMKIII, or...?

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Re: Another "Which body?" post. 1DsMKIII, or...?

LensConcepts wrote:

I know... I know... another one.

I've been researching like crazy, reading reviews, reading forum posts... and I just can't seem to nail the decision down for myself. I was hoping I might gain some valuable insight here.

The backstory: I currently have a Canon 7D (read: *not* a MKII). I have a suite of lenses I've tailored to the type of shooting I do 90% of the time. Having said that, when I'm not shooting a wedding or something commercial I'm shooting portrait sessions with models. Half studio, half location, maybe 20% in less than ideal lighting conditions.

I've had my 7D for quite a while, but it's never really seemed to live up to my IQ expectations. I've experimented with other people's camera bodies, both up and down the spectrum. Better bodies, more entry-level bodies, etc.

The more and more I read, the 1DsMKIII really appeals to me, but I can't get passed that feeling in the back of my mind that it may not be the absolute best fit for me. Admittedly, the lofty allure of a 1-Series body does appeal. I plan to keep the 7D because it certainly has a sports and low-light niche, but I just want something to bring my modeling portrait sessions to the next level.

I don't know that I would be so conceited to say that I am a "pro," but I do believe I've come to the point where I may have outgrown the 7D as a primary modeling body. So... any advice or insights would be absolutely welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Ive been a professional fashion/glamour photographer for 15 years. been published everywhere from Playboy to Maxim to Muscle and fitness to all kinds of ads for agencies, clothing companies and more all around the globe. Ive owned a dozen or so Canon bodies and Ive shot layouts for national magazines with a Rebel T2i and other Rebels over the years. Honestly, there is no camera thats going to take your portraits to the next level, its all about your lighting and composition. In a studio shooting at f/8-f/13 with strobes. pretty much any camera and lens combo will do and look nearly identical. However, when you get out into natural light, especially around the golden hour, you will want fast primes. I only shoot primes and go with the holy trinity 50/85/135 of lenses every portrait shooter should have IMO. Ill tell you the same thing i tell the guys who attend my workshops. I would put your money into quality lenses, bodies come and go. The only Canon camera on the market that would stand out from the pack in the studio would be a 5Ds (or R) but thats for us guys shooting for high end clients that really need the detail and the resolution for massive prints. I currently have a 6D and 77D but at some point I will be getting a 5Ds, waiting to see what the new FF mirrorless brings first though.

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