Better telephoto lens from SEL55210 or just get another camera

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Better telephoto lens from SEL55210 or just get another camera

I currently use a SEL55210 as my telephoto lens.  I got this lens when I first brought my first Sony APSC a refurb A5100, it came with the body and other kit lens SEL1855.  I have since brought more bodies A6300 and A3000 and primes: 12, 24, 35 and 50.  I think I am happy enough with my set of primes for my usage.

We still use both kit lens, I actually like the size form factor of SEL55210, however sometimes I wish it was better.  I use the telephoto for a few different scenarios:

1. Landscape, this is probably still the most use of it.  I also sometimes use it for fireworks, but right now I use 50 prime for it.

2. My daughter use is, would like to use it more for birds and nature

3. Portrait like shots, not really portrait but shots of people with some background

4. Would be great to have a telephoto on some shots where you can see details of distant objects.  Very seldom, but sometimes I wish I had a long lens.

I am thinking of SEL70200g f/4, over the SEL70300g.  Here are my reasoning

For #1. I think it would better for some of my landscape shots, I do more shots in lower light.  Sunrise, sunset, blue hour, etc.

For #2. Possibly either FE lens is not good for my young daughter as they are heavy.  So maybe no win here.  I still plan to retain the SEL55210, I think the re-sale value is too cheap. I will keep it.

For #3. Definitely the the f/2.8 is the best, but too expensive and heavy.  So I am happy enough with the f/4.  I saw some sample shots, I am happy with its rendition.

For #4. 300 probably slightly better, but maybe I am happy enough to crop the 200 especially if it is sharp enough.

Some sample photos of where I or my daughter used the SEL55210.  Another option I am looking at is RX10, which will be good for #1, #2 and #4.  Same cost as a e-mount lens, but that means I have another camera.  Not too keen.  I also like do more #3.  Open for alternatives, or if you think SEL70300g is better for my usage.

Blue hour, I wish it was better.  Out of the many shots I did this was the best. The blue hour was also quick, other shots was better but not much blue hour anymore

My daughter's shot of a right whale.  I wish it was better, maybe the SEL55210 is ok.  Small and light.

Photo of my son, I sometimes use the telephoto for this.  Usually its the primes, but a long FL will remove background stuff.

The lunar eclipse a few weeks ago.  Wish it was more clear.  Stopped down to F8

Sony a5100 Sony a6300 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10
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