Plea to lens manufacturers- enough 1.4 primes and 2.8 zooms

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Plea to lens manufacturers- enough 1.4 primes and 2.8 zooms

One of the big selling points of FF MILCs was the opportunity to make for a lighter system with the image quality of full frame. Well nearly 5 years later into this experiment, we definitely have a high end system, but I'm not sure the promise of a lighter system has been fulfilled. I was playing on LensTip and pulled this lens data... here is a totaling of all FE primes available, AF and MF:

And here is a total of just the AF lenses:

With zooms it's a little less clear cut, but one would have to imagine Sigma/Tamron are working on porting over their 2.8 zooms as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, still no AF 35/2 from anybody, and no lightweight 24-xx zooms that aren't w/o some controversy. 3 AF 35 and 50 1.4s though... probably enough no?

I am hoping the next round of lenses manufacturers are working on can fill the gaps. A 24 2.8 or 2, obviously a 35/2 or 1.8, a 24-xx F/4 (preferably 85 at the long end)... all under $500 and 1lb/454g. A kit grade 70-300 with good AF would be nice too.

Obviously a serious FF system needs the high end covered, but everyone if not most FE shooters are not swinging GM glass around... they absolutely have to cover the basics and the bottom end, especially as the market consolidates and the APS-C system continues to receive no development.

Am I off base?

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