Who is or will be a dual systems user?

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Pixnat2 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,542
Who is or will be a dual systems user?

The new Nikon and Canon systems will put mirorrless in a dominant position.

We, m4/3 users, know the benefits of mirrorless for a long time.

In the very near future, the mirrorless offer will be exciting :

  • 4/3 with Olympus and Panasonic
  • APS-C with Fuji
  • FF with Sony, Nikon and Canon
  • Medium Format with Fuji and perhaps Nikon

With all those amazing mirrorless systems, it will be very tempting for us photographers to own more than one, and get the best of several worlds.

So, how will you react to this new offer?

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I'm already a happy dual (or more) system user, and will continue to be.
50.3% 74  votes
I'm tempted to be or will probably be a dual (or more) systems user in the future.
17.0% 25  votes
I am and will be a m4/3 only user, as I'm not interested (for whatever reason) to own 2 or more systems.
30.6% 45  votes
I will be a single system user, but will go for a larger sensor system.
2.0% 3  votes
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