A7III vs E-M1 II

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kolyy wrote:

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kolyy wrote:

The A7 III has a very nice live view implementation with short blackouts at 8fps with both mechanical and electronic shutter. That should be compared with 10fps (MS) and 18fps (ES) on the E-M1 II.

I'm not so sure those can be compared.

I'm gonna have to properly measure this stuff one day. I only did a quick test by recording 240fps video of the EVF. Came up about 25 ms for what I'd consider full blackout. Add another 15ms for partial blackout (I guess this has to do with EVF refresh rate, would have to try setting it to high).

If I get the methodology down, I can ask a friend to check out his A7 III.

I think you overestimate the live view capability of the E-M1 II, but I can't prove it. Many cameras have live view with blackouts in bursts and while the E-M1 II might be among the best, as seen from the 18fps mode, I doubt it is somehow very special.

Oh, I did compare this with other mirrorless cameras that were put as competitors to E-M1 II. None of them come even close. I have yet to try the slideshow approach of Fuji and Panasonic. Olympus does this in High mode, where AF is locked. In that mode you get up to 60fps, which is basically a live view, despite not being a live view. But in my experience this just does not work at lower frame rates.

The A9 is different, as it has live view with no blackouts at all, which is completely unique.

Yes, it is. When it comes to EVF blackout, there are three categories of cameras. A9, E-M1 Mark II and the rest.

There is also another possibility, that no E-M5 III will ever come, but the price of the E-M1 II will be lowered and thus the model pushed completely to the mainstream segment of the market, while a new model will be introduced at the high end to replace it.

I hope not. E-M1 II is a nice camera, but it is fairly big. I love to use it with 12-100 or 100-300, both of which are very comfortable to use for long periods of time and ergonomics are great. But I would love to see an E-M5 sized more advanced model to serve more general purpose shooters that want to take full advantage of all those small MFT lenses.

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