For those buying wide gamut monitors...

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Re: For those buying wide gamut monitors...

Geyzer J. Salgado wrote:

sygnus21 wrote:

And also stated, consumer grade card like a GTX 1080Ti is not a 10-bit card. Please read my first post and subsequent posts.

I am not an expert either, just going from what I believe I understood from my research. The GTX cards are 10-bit,

I should clarify. Yes, both yours (NVidia) and mine (AMD) are 10-bit cards. But you'll find there's 10-bit per color (bpc), and there's 10-bit per pixel (bpp). (Though I'm not sure what name NVidia is using). Anyway If you look at this FirePro control panel, you'll note the red box on the bottom.... it says 10-bit per pixel. NOT 10-bit per color.

AMD's FirePro card showing 10-bit per pixel enabled.

On non-pro cards only 10-bpc is available. On Pro cards like AMD it's 10-bpp (not sure what it's called on NVidia' pro cards), but I do know neither of AMD on NVidia's non-pro cards support Photoshop's 10-bit operation. You can check this article 10 Bit Output Support and scroll down to "Windows PC 10 Bit Support"

Some vendors like NEC will provide a 10 bit Color Depth Demo Application to test GPU compatibility. Non pro cards won't pass this test … i.e. my AMD (Sapphire) R9 Fury, even with the monitor set to 10 (30-bit)….

This is because my card is not a pro card, even though it does support 10-bit (bpc). BTW 10-bit is actually 30-bit if you consider each primary color is 10-bit (RGB = 30-bit).

Help: if anyone here has a Quadro card, can you please post an image of the screen enabling the color depth, similar to what's shown above. Oddly I can't seem to find one online.

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