A7III vs E-M1 II

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Re: A7III vs E-M1 II

phil from seattle wrote:

BruceRH wrote:

Nice video and fair. His main point and one I wholeheartedly agree with is cameras are tools. There is no perfect camera or lens for that matter. I like Olympus for the features that are in it as highlighted in the video. Mainly the excellent IBIS, Live Composite, and Pro Capture. There are others too, but those are probably my favorites. I am intrigued enough in the Sony that I do keep an eye on the used market and I will probably get one some day so that I have another “tool” to use. I’m not a Pro and my Olympus bodies are more than good enough but like I said, I am intrigued enough about the Sony that if I found a great deal, I will give it a try. Thanks for posting the video, it’s a very nice comparison.

While he did try to be fair to the two cameras, I think he missed the boat on a number of points.

  • He complains about olympus menus but doesn't mention the super control panel. Also, the "impossible" to find card format function is obvious after a quick scan through the top level menus. I'm very critical of oly menus but that was one I found immediately.
  • The video comparison seemed off. not because the olympus is better but because it's really aimed at stills. If I were thinking video, I'd compare the A7III and the Panny G9 or GH series.
  • He seems to feel the need to over do superlatives for comparison - like "x obliterates y" and such. The grip making love to your hand - pu-lease. I believe the differences, even where there is a clear winner, aren't nearly as big as he makes out. Felt kind of like a "click-baitey" millennial monologue.
  • He never talked about the thin DoF advantage of full frame. I believe this would be a key reason that someone would pick the A7III over the EM1.2. Personally, that is one of the two reasons I would buy into full frame.
  • His description of pro-capture was pretty clumsy.
  • He only talked about exposure bracketing when the EM1.2 has an extremely rich set of bracketing features including focus bracketing for stacking and HDR features.

Based on his review, one would use the A7III for wedding photography and the EM1.2 for everything else. The reality is much more nuanced.

He also left out Focus Stacking in camera, a feature I am guessing the Sony doesn't have.

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