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Re: Decent Telephoto Lens Recommendation

The Ryantist wrote:

I'm going to an NFL game in a couple weeks and won't be able to bring my normal camera setup. I'd like to try one of those clip on telephoto lenses. Or maybe a monocular that can adapt to a cell phone?

I'd like to stay under $50 (flexible) and hopefully get at least 5x magnification. And I want something that's going to be better than cropping or digital zoom if it exists.

I know I won't get amazing Sports Illustrated shots with this, just looking for something closer than the wide angle view. I don't want to buy a compact P&S camera at this time, because I'm otherwise very happy with my Sony APS-C setup.

Well, good things are never cheap.  Some 12X or even 18X telephoto lenses made for smartphones, some with case or clip, are usually not good with significant pincushion distortion, CA, small good image circle, etc.  You could find many on Amazon or eBay.  The use of a clip is usually not recommended because you will have a hard time to adjust your lens so that it aligns with the on-camera lens perfectly.  If you fail, you may see vignetting or half clear and half blurred images.  To get good results, you have to invest a little more.  The following is list of equipment I tested over the years.  Although they are in traditional Chinese, you may use Google translation.  Well, Google translation may be correct most times, but sometimes it may completely distort the original meaning.  However, with the images in my articles, you won't miss anything.

  1. Polaris 12x50
  2. Russian 14X and CrystalVue 8X
  3. Carson HookUpz 7X

There is a warning that I have to make.  These cheap telescope lenses cannot cover the image size of your phone because they are not specifically designed for smartphones.  However, you can digital zoom in to enlarge the image to cover the screen completely.

All of my tests are based on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus.


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