new Tamron 17-35/2.8-4 again not for Sony A-mount .

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Re: new Tamron 17-35/2.8-4 again not for Sony A-mount .

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Chris Malcolm wrote:

Mava wrote:

Finally the perfect wide zoom lens i am looking for and ofcourse again not for Sony A-mount

The Tamron SP 15-30/2.8 is a bit havy and bulky and i don’t need a constant 2.8 so this would have been the perfect alternative for me but like all interesting stuff again not for Sony A-mount .

I am convinced the Tamron will be a nice quality lens like all the rest the produce lately .

So please Tamron .... MAKE THIS LENS FOR A-MOUNT USERS TOO !!!!

An important reason why Tamron and other 3rd party lens makers are ignoring the A-mount is that the A-mount is now the only mount which still uses mechanical spring and lever aperture control. That's another reason why Sony must update the A-mount.

I'm puzzled why Sony, the great technical innovator who's put so much effort into developing new electronic & digital technology to replace the old mechanical clockwork of the SLR, hasn't yet updated the A-mount to include electronic aperture control. I'm hoping it's because they're planning to include it with another more difficult A-mount upgrade.

That may depend on whether going for electronic aperture control removes backwards compatability though,

It needn't, it can just be added, as SSM in-lens focus motor control was added without removing the old screw drive AF.

as many of us have an extensive collection of lenses using the mechanical aperture control that we would not wish to give up.

Me too!

This is also part of Sony's committment to keeping the original Minolta lens mount going, when they took it over from Konica-Minolta. And tbh let's face it, Sigma and Tamron know how to make lenses with the mechanical aperture control because they have done so in the past. On their part I believe it's pure economics - they just don't see the sales returns being worth it, in terms of releasing an a-mount version of their new lenses.

Exactly. Because it's an extra cost adding that feature just for Sony A-mount, more than the cost of simply adapting an electronic aperture control to another camera mount. Without that extra cost, if Sony had had electronic aperture control, they might have gone on supplying A-mount lenses.

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