Laser color printer for A4 size on plain paper?

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Laser color printer for A4 size on plain paper?

Dear photo printing gurus,

would you mind sharing your options on the subject, please?

The base idea under my question is the following.

From time to time, I want to print a paper hardcopy of some of my photos. Consider photo probes, sketches of selected works, test samples to give customers a preview of how the result will look like on paper, etc. I need this capability available at home handy and ready at any given moment, not only through business hours.

Serious photo printer with all that ink stuff and photo paper, seems to be an overkill for this, due to 1) high total cost per 1 print, 2) ink drying and heads mailfunction if you don't print at least 1-2 pages a day. I don't, my usage pattern seems to be about 1 batch of 10-15 prints once a week or maybe two. Also, if I need A3+ size and top quality some 1-2 times a month, I have a nicely equipped friendly printshop nearby.

Also, I have an experience from one of my former jobs, where large heavy Canon MFUs (corporate class heavy networked laser color copier+printer machines) were used for similar purposes, making A3 color prints of acceptable and decent quality on a plain office A3 paper. Cost per 1 print were negligible compared to a large pro-grade EPSON photo printer, which was used only for finalized prints.

Okay I thought. How about purchasing an A4 color laser printer with low total cost per print, for this purpose? Profile it, and get what I need at home?

Is it a viable solution? Does anyone work this way already? If yes, what are pros and contras and caveats? What are recommend printers for this?

If this topic had been beaten to death before, can you point me at some informative threads on it? But I am interested in an up-to-date information as of August, 2018.

Thanks in advance! With best regards, Andreas.

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