First time soft proofing and correcting for print. Need some advice.

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First time soft proofing and correcting for print. Need some advice.

Hello, I'm trying to do my first soft proofed print through WW. I have a calibrated monitor and downloaded the ICC profile from WW of the paper that I want to use.

I applied the softproof filter to my image and get alot out of gamut areas. My rendering intent is set to "relativ colorimetric", which (as far as I understand) means that out of gamut pixels get clamped to the closest color thats available.
It seems that the shadows all fall out of the gamut. In fact the entire "dark" third of the histogram is missing when I apply the proofing. Does that mean that the paper simply can't represent all these darker colors?

The original image

Soft proofed with gamut error in grey

Histogram with softproofing enabled. No dark colors to be found.

My intuitive approach would be to brighten the image just enough so that most of the out of gamut pixels get pushed into the gamut. However this also leads to a big loss in contrast. I tried to apply a curve adjustment in luminosity mode to recover some of the contrast but I wonder if thats the correct way of coping with the problem.

Save me curves tool!

The soft proofed endresult.

Am I doing this correctly? I'm new to this color correcting/gamut thing so any thoughts or advice are highly appreciated.

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