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Re: Apple Pencil disappointment

Boomanbb wrote:

I found out the hard way that no matter how elegant the Apple Pencil is, the fact that it is always ready/on means you need to always keep it charged. I didn't use mine for a couple months and it is now dead with no way to bring it back since the battery cannot be replaced.

Dumb design to not be able to turn a battery powered device off.

Sometimes the problem is not with the Pencil.

Unplug your Pencil, then on your iPad, go to Settings, Bluetooth.

Then find Apple Pencil on the list of "my devices". touch the info button at far right, then tell iPad to "Forget this Device".

Plug your Pencil back in to the iPad. It should re-pair.

If it does not re-pair, try re-starting the iPad.

More help here:

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