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cormierphoto wrote:

I found Pinterest to be rather useless and inefficient and dropped using it. The issue with Pinterest is that people will largely pin your photo as part of a larger board with many other similar photos, which then get repinned as part of someone else' board. That does nothing for sales. It's great as a mood board, but extremely inefficient for marketing purposes. And how do people find you? Look at trending, I see 'Detox your Liver" spam, 'kill sinus infection in 20 seconds', an add showing a box in a box, a bank ad, hamburger supreme casserole. Local people simply are gonna have problems finding you. Pinterest does not seem to do well in terms of selling photography.

Compare to Instagram, where you can focus locally and build a proper following. People go to your page and profile, instead of a random person's board mixed with other photos. I get clients on a regular based from Instagram, reacting right away to a new special, or out of the blue who stumbled upon me.

Of course that is my opinion and maybe others may able to provide valuable input in how to turn Pinterest in a money maker. My opinion may change if I spend more time with it, but concentrating on one or 2 social networks is enough work as is.

I'm coming to the same conclusion.  I would only add that I don't know which of my photos are being re-pinned anymore... that bugs me.  They used to tell you how many times a photo has been repinned and was a decent way of telling what was popular.  Not anymore.  Pinterest has turned into a black hole of a sorts.

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