6D MK ii dead\hot pixel and autofocus issues

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6D MK ii dead\hot pixel and autofocus issues

Hi all,

I bought my 6D MK ii last year on black Friday for a very good price.

I must say that up to now I'm quite disappointed.

The autofocus in both good and not that great lighting conditions is acting quite weird and it looks it has a mind of his own. When I focus on an object, sometime an object in front will be in focus, sometimes an object in the back, and sometimes spot on, even though the focus point are on the same place.

I tried with my nifty fifty STM, and my 24-105/4 L lens, both exhibit the same behavior. I've tried spot AF and large zone AF. Same issue.

I'm attaching images for you to observe.

I didn't find how I can include the view of the focusing points so my guess is that you need to download the image to view it.

FIrst image the yellow paint bottle with spot AF is in good focus.

Second image with Large zone AF on almost same focus point, the focus is not good.

Next image. Focus on right blue round lace. Center focus point used. good focus

Focus on same image with Large Zone AF. Very bad focus. I don't even know on what it is focusing on.

Next image. Canon lens cap. Spot AF. Good focus.

Large Zone AF. Focused on wrong location. The focusing point are on the cap top end.

Next image is Spot AF that focused behind the focusing point. So Spot AF has issues too.

Next issue is dead/hot pixels. It suddenly appeared. 2 dead pixels and 2 hot pixels. One in the rightmost focus point group second row on the right. One just left on main group AF points top. and 2 read hot dead pixels are also there.

Canon told me to send it for repair, but I must say that for such an expensive camera to have so many critical issues is not a good sign. As a long time canon user (I own 5 of them) I'm starting to feel the need to check out if those Sony DSLR are as good as the reviews say.

Did anyone have the same issues? Did Canon repair fix it for you?


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