Compact nifty 50ish mm for a7iii?

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Re: Compact nifty 50ish mm for a7iii?

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The standard Sony 50 1.8 is the only native compact 50mm currently available on E mount.

50/1.8 is only marginally smaller than 55/1.8.

To my opinion, these lenses are quite compact when used with full frame body. With Sony 35/2.8 ZA the overall camera weight and dimensions don't change too much. The camera will not become truly compact.

Thank you. Yeah, it's a shame the 50mm 1.8 gets such mediocre reviews. I'd hate to pair such a fine camera with a lens that compromises some of it's best features (such as great autofocus and image quality). The 55mm 1.8 is would definitely be the right answer when size and weight are not an issue. I'm kind of surprised Sony (or someone) doesn't offer a kick ass normal prime in a more compact package. Maybe zooms are the trend and there is not sufficient demand for more compact normal primes. I love the 55 1.8, but it's a tank!

Thank you for the comments; I was hoping maybe there was something out there that I had missed.

The 50/1.8 actually IS quite kick ass. It got bad reviews the first couple of months it was out when the AF was awful, but the firmware update took care of that.  It still does an "uhh uhh" defocus/refocus thing every time the AF triggers, even when it's still sitting on the last focus point, but it's completely bearable.  Quality blows away every legacy 50 lens I've tried.  You really should read reviews on Google, not on DPR.  Elitists here who love their 55's won't allow the 50 to get the press it deserves (that would be admitting they spent $800 they didn't need to), and the reviews outside DPR show it to be neck and neck with the 55 except wide open in the corners.  If that matters to you, spend the extra $800 for that last 1% of performance.   The 55 AF is indeed quieter, but the 50 AF isn't noisy like people describe.  Old screw drive lenses were noisy.... the 50 AF is audible, but only out to a distance of about 1 foot (judging from memory, not testing just for this post).  Nobody is going to throw you out of a venue for your AF being too loud.


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