What is the actual reason we see colors. Is it the geometrical structure of the surface

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Re: What is the actual reason we see colors. Is it the geometrical structure of the surface

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I heard that many butterflies or flyings insect their body surface is made up of a certain structure causing particular light spectrum (color) to reflect and pass away rest of the spectrum color this cause them to reflect a particular color.

I am not from a science background but today this thought came into my mind and I am curious to know that same rule applies to everything in this world how we see colors.

example green leaf of a plant, blue sky, or a red car.

Each atom or particle at its very smallest part has a particular structure causing particular light spectrum (color) to reflect ?

Or I am entirely wrong and we see color for other reasons also example green leaf of a tree is green as other color of a sunlight is absorbed but not the green so we see green. didn't remember but I read this somewhere ?

There are two parts to your question, I believe.

  • How is the spectrum of a reflective surface created?
  • How do our eyes convert such spectra into colors?

Both of these are quite complex. I think you're mainly concerned about the first one. But before I start struggling with coming up with an explanation, I want to make sure that's the case.

Is it?

Reflective spectra are the wavelength-by-wavelength product of the illuminant and the reflectance of the object. Objects create reflective spectra in different ways. Here's how it's done in dyes:


Here's something much less detailed for pigments:


You mentioned leaves. Here is a nice Khan segment that touches on that:



It is good that you are getting a clarification of the question. In a recent posting in the Retouching forum, this OP revealed that he is writing a book on photography. I presume that may be why he has recently posted so many technical questions here and in other sections of these fora.

Thanks for remembering that I am writing a book and you are absolutely correct all my questions are because of my curiosity and for writing a book.

I am writing this book from the past 5 months and now with almost 200 pages, it is finished.

but regard few topics still I am working for example for reference purpose I have mentioned at very last in my book regarding best software for Photo editing (which I already concluded) but for Video editing still, I am testing one by one.


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