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Re: ZR1000

telefunk wrote:

Their conclusion was that noise had gone up significantly vs the ZR700. You can see this on their comparison tool. Pity because I liked the design...

OK, I see that I need to run strict same ISO setting on any side by side test.

One thing I noticed with the ZR1000 is that it readily runs to higher ISO even in bright sunlight, particularly as I zoom. That may seem to "add noise" for the casual user on auto ISO. It still uses sensor shift so maybe the better lens shift stabilisation on the ZR700 made it keep to lower ISO more easily?

To make it simple I'll compare the ZR1000 directly with the ZR850, but that won't be for a few days, too busy with other jobs right now.

Anyway, noise is highly over-rated, most of it disappears in printing or the usual screen or TV slide shows. Some pro printers actually add noise to overcome the "digital look" of their prints.

Regards.... Guy

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