RX100vi diopter issue

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Re: RX100vi diopter issue

dbogdan wrote:

My RX100vi was delivered an hour ago. I loaded it with a charged battery and within 10 minutes a major issue reared its ugly head.

The viewfinder diopter shifts out of preference when closed. At first I thought I must have bumped it when closing, but careful examination proved I wasn't losing my mind. This may prove to be difficult to accept.

How's yours?



I haven't noticed much on mine till I came across your thread.   I like the suggestion of using your middle (third finger) to stop the EVF from popping up ie. dampening it as it comes up. I using my index (2nd finger to push down on the pop up lever) - this will prolong the EVF from the hard jolt of catapulting up each time and closing it dow n gently should hopefully not knock the diopter out of it's position

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