Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

Started Jul 27, 2018 | Questions thread
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Re: Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

Dear Pe tru,

firstly, if you just want to learn photography, your Nikon is a great camera for that.

So you actually want to do something else, it seems. You are at the cross road among a few "technologies".  so you really have to think what else is important for you first. FF vs crop sensor (directly proportional to low light capability, DR, and IQ). If you need fast focusing for birds etc, mirrorless are less capable than your Nikon and other DSLR. Mirrorless are fantastic for portrait and landscape.

Frankly, I think M4/3 will disappoint you somewhat, versus your Nikon, if you consider IQ and low light performance as important. But they have better range of lenses than Sony, much more.

Sony A7III is great for IQ and low light. But lenses are expensive and not many to choose from. If you don't intend to have many lenses, it's good enough.

I have a Canon 5DM4 and GX8, each system with about 6 lenses. Sony doesn't have the range of lenses I need (for  now).

Hope the above helps.

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