Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

Started Jul 27, 2018 | Questions thread
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Re: Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

Nobody can really answer that for you.

There are some very substantial (and obvious) differences between the two, and only you can tell which ones are more important to you.

For example, if you want/need 4K at 60p, the G9 is the obvious choice. If you regularly shoot at high ISO, the A7III is in a different world.

Of course there are so many other factors. The A7III will probably get you a better Continous AF-tracking experience, while the G9 will be snappier and more consistent for Single AF.

Then there’s the features. The G9 has high-res mode, 6K Photo mode at 30fps and 4K Photo mode at 60fps. These, and other features, can be very important for some people, or won’t matter at all for others.

IBIS is also much better on the G9, for stills but also for video.

Sony has a 1.5x magnification video mode (APSC mode) in full 4K resolution which I find it can be extremely useful. The G9 doesn’t.

Then of course there’s the lenses. Again only you know what you want in your lens line-up. There’s a big difference in size and price for some lenses, not so much for other lenses. For example, if you want telephoto lenses, all Sony’s options, while great, are huge and expensive. Same goes for ultra-wides.

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