Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

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Agree RE: Depth of Field

rashid7 wrote:

while the G9 is at disadvantage w/ Hi ISO's and for shallow DoF*, it is much much better for Ergo's and UI! Clearly superior stabilization. It's biggest advantage is in the system of lenses available. Many more options, esp in the category of small, sharp, fast, & affordable... all at the same time!

* shallow depth of field is a "2-edged sword". For most of my photography it is undesirable!

I agree with the comment about the depth of field being a double-edged sword.  A lot of us get into cameras partly because we love the shallow DoF look and the artistic control it affords, and then we go nuts with it.  Computer screens, tablets, and smartphones make this even worse, because the DoF needs to be even more shallow to be apparent on a smaller screen.

But it is a double-edged sword.  I've been doing a lot of family photography, and I often use the f/1.2 lenses for the purpose.  But I've been finding that when I view my photos large - either full-size on a 27" computer monitor, or when printed - that not everything that I wanted is in focus, and the out of focus areas look blurred to an unnecessary degree.

Granted, it's a matter of taste and with what you're trying to achieve.  The guys who want to blow away the background into two or three colors even if only one eye is in focus wouldn't be happy.

It also plays into ISO, though.  I can shoot indoors at f/1.2 with ISOs around 1600-3200 without a flash.  But on a "full frame" camera, f/1.2 would render an impractically thin depth of field.  So I'd need to close down the aperture, but then we're raising the ISOs... which may completely negate any high-ISO advantage that "full frame" has.

Long story short, depending on what types of photos and scenarios you're trying to take photos of, one system may be better than the other... but it also may not be for the reasons you thought it would be.

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