Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

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Re: Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

here was my thought when i brought both 3 months ago;

Well thanks everyone for your comments, even the negative ones, i notice whatever someone post you will always have someone who trolls the forms with nothing else to do but push negative comments, i must pray for them and even their negativity will help me to grow , anyway I have tried both cameras and from my initial observation (please understand i said initial from an amateur enthusiast photographer) and my limited usage (i tried to keep it to a low click count) also i am not here to bash any product but to help others who are on the fence like me determine what camera they want to buy

-the build quality of the a7iii was not bad very solid like most sony products, but to me the G9 felt much much better especially with the grip

-to me one of the biggest problemswith the a7iii was the menu system, this may be okay to some but moving the little wheel to different pages was a headache as i tried to maneuvered that little wheel around they need a complete touch screen

-the shutter sound of the a7iii was very distracting compared to G9 (maybe it's just me) i have gotten use to the sensitive shutter of G9 now i love it lol

-the pics out of the a7iii with the kit lens were excellent and full of detail, im sure they would be even better with better glass, the dept of field was great even at 3.5 it surprised me!

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-the view finder on the a7iii was okay but no were near as nice as the G9

-the feature set on the a7iii was very very limited compared to G9

-the stabilization on the a7iii was no were near that of the G9 you must buy a gimble for video work or your videos will be very very shaky, also the cameras auto iso loved 12,800 for some reason (i know it can be adjusted) i guess just like the G9 loves 3200 lol. if Sony gets good stabilization it will be a true game changer

-the 4k video was about the same as the G9 but the a7iii had richer color and the pics clearly had more detail on a7iii and in video kept the highlights down very well much better than G9, also the charging port on the a7iii is cheap and the door part seems as if it will break over time

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In the end one reason i would get the a7iii is the dept of field a full frame camera offers, yes i can get close with G9 but in the end the G9 would cost me much more to achieve the dept of field than the a7iii (at least at this price point ), and in the end it's all about the pics, or is it? The a7iii menu and feature set is lacking, I have never enjoyed a camera like the G9 and the many features it offers, time-lapse, 80mp pics, stop motion, 4k 60fps, top lcd, even in camera raw conversation, tilt twist around screen. so this morning i have the a7iii boxed up and ready to go back. Thanks for listening i know most of you knew these things already but i got to see for myself.
 God bless

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