Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

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Re: Lumix G9 or Sony A7 III?

I have both these cameras and it's a tough decision. For low-light and higher dynamic range, the A73 outshines the G9. With that stated, here are the things I like about the G9 compared to the A73:

  • Ergonomics. The G9 has a much better grip than the A73 and it feels so much better in the hand.
  • Menu. Eventually you will get used to the A73's menu system but the G9 is much more intuitive.
  • Video. More options on the G9 and the color right out of the camera is better than the A73. The A73 has slog which does help with highlight-rolloff, but I always feel like I'm tweaking skin tones on it to look more "Canon-like" whereas the G9's color science right out of the camera is excellent.
  • Autofocus. The G9 is pretty good for stills and video, but the A73 is better...but not by that much.
  • Cost of lenses. Sony glass is ridiculously expensive compared to equivalent M43 glass. You do however have to pay attention to lower f-numbers to compensate for depth-of-field compared to FF cameras.
  • Weight of lenses. Oh, how I enjoy the light-weight lenses of M43 cameras!
  • Already mentioned, but worth repeating...IBIS is spectacular on the G9. Beats the A73 handily.

The bottom line is, I use the A73 for wide-angle shots and low-light astrophotography. For about everything else, I enjoy using the G9.

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