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Dr. Ulrich Rohde wrote:

Impressive, but the dealers tell me the TL2 and CL don't sell well. I have both the TL2 and the CL (like a bit better) and the camera is fun to use. Who understands the market ?

Same I've heard from a few I visited.

Personal thoughts, what I heard from shops, and owners, renters and would be buyers:

I would be much happier if the TL design had incorporated an EVF. I've knocked off the viewfinder a few times and I'm always worried about lossing it.

The CL lacks connection ports, the TL2 can recharge with its USB port.

Both cameras should have manual video features, features that are on the D-Lux 109 or V-Lux 114. Otherwise its just automatic cell phone video.

The whole APS-C line should have been weather proof like the SL; personally when it rains I pull my Olympus out.

The price is rather on the high side for the format (I mean moderate reductions in price - $1,000-1,500 per lens, just under $2,000 per camera kit)

Auto focus could be a bit quicker, not necessarily PDAF; but maybe incorporate Panasonic's Depth from Defocus

Recovery time between shots still bogs the camera; write time is greatly improved from the early X line or T 701

The general issue is while it creates wonderful pictures comparatively for consumers it seems to be lacking in features, the general expectation is that it would be a smaller, lighter, just as capable SL with features of the compacts. Most comparison reviews are focused on how close it is to a mini M which is not the market.

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