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Ancient history..

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The RX-100 is a compact travel point and shoot. The Nikon 1 series is a system camera, with much better AF and the ability to change the lens. Battery life for the 1 V1 was outstanding since it shares the same battery as the D750 and D800 series SLR cameras. I would never buy an RX100, not just because I don't like Sony cameras but I am above shooting with an integrated-zoom lens camera.

So for all you Sony lovers out there, buy an RX100 and knock yourself out! We Nikon users couldn't care less.

If anyone cares WHY Nikon 1 failed, they failed because they did stupid stuff in marketing it, while Sony configured and marketed their 1" stuff correctly.

What you find is, the failed, fire-sale price-reduced iterations of Nikon 1 have become useful to many of us PRECISELY BECAUSE, at those fire-sale-reduced prices, you can configure a Nikon 1 system to be MORE capable than a Sony RX100 or a Sony RX10 at those reduced prices - and have lens interchangeability to boot.

Yes, the V1 had great battery life and great AF performance. But those are the ONLY things that it did well, relative to competition. And those things were not enough to support it at the prices Nikon felt they needed to charge for it.

It was the prices.

The ridiculous prices killed it.

So you think $1199.00 for the RX100 VI is reasonable?


For some reason I don't understand, Sony seems to have some sort of cache', like Apple, where unsophisticated consumers will grossly over pay for their products.

Nikon does not have that cache', Canon is always an alternative.

Sony has been a great strong company since the early 1970s when they licensed Trinitron TV technology developed and patented in the USA and put it in to their TVs. Sony used to be the Gold standard for TV sets, all the newsrooms had them and they were used for professional monitors as well. Sony has also been a great leader in CCD video technology, and was a co-pioneer of the Compact Disc format along with Philips of the Netherlands. The Sony CDP-101 was the very first CD player on the market in USA (Philips CD100 was the first model they released).

Sony is also the pioneer of Bluray despite HD-DVD trying to compete (Note Sony lost the consumer video format Betamax to VHS 30 years ago).

Before Apple, there was Sony. Sony Walkman, Sony Discman, etc. VAIO laptops were the nicest Windows-based laptops back in the day. Apple went to Sony to solve their problem with getting a reliable 3.5 inch floppy drive in to the first Mac.

All of that is ancient history.  Mostly 30 years ago.

Today, Sony is just overpriced crap.

But for still photography, I prefer Nikon over Sony. I just can't take Sony seriously as a pro-level camera compared to Nikon or Canon.


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