Printing Breathing Color Allure on an Epson P5000 Printer

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Richard Frederick
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Printing Breathing Color Allure on an Epson P5000 Printer

I have been generally successful printing Breathing Color’s Allure 16 X 24” aluminum panels using an Epson 4880 printer. The problem I have been having is that the material is (17 X 26” overall) leaving only ½” of cardboard surround along the long edge. This cardboard is only about .045” thick and is not strong enough along the long edge to prevent bending, even when carefully handled. This leaves the cardboard creased and without the integrity to guarantee a flat surface. This can lead to head strikes.

My workaround is to replace the cardboard with aluminum strips. I use two 24 X ½ X .050” and two 16 X 1 X .050” strips. That Allure is specified to be .045” thick and .050” has proven close enough.

I remove the cardboard surround and tape the aluminum strips to the back of the Allure panel, using Scotch Magic Mending tape, not masking tape. Then, to the front of the panel I tape the aluminum strips together where they butt up. This results in a delicate but useable surround.

I remove the plastic covering from the front and print. After printing it is necessary to remove the aluminum surround prior to the application of varnish. This is because the any ink deposited on the aluminum surround will easily transfer to the varnish roller. This does not happen with the original cardboard surround. You can imagine how I know this.

Now, a question:

Breathing Color no longer supports the Epson P5000 printer for printing Allure material. BC says that their customers report problems because “The P5000 doesn’t have a truly straight-through path.” This is in conflict with the published specification for this printer which specifies a straight-through path that can handle material up to 1.5mm (.059”) thick. I suppose that the published .045” thickness of Allure, thicker with masking tape securing a less than perfect cardboard surround pushes the thickness limit. This may be at the root of the problem.

I am asking if any of you have experience with the P5000 that can resolve my concerns using it with the Allure material.

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