AstroTrac 360?

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Re: AstroTrac 360?

I  do 100% agree !
I use the AstroTrack 360 - nice portable tracker that - once I had it a tiny bit modified -works accurate. The flaw in my version was that the whole unit 'wobbled a little' on the tripod, some extra shims eliminated that. And indeed that polar scope is a joke - a compass and inclinometer work a lot better.
Very recent I wanted to buy a few extras for the AstroTrac 360 - got a quick reply that there might be some surplus items available.... not all and not in the online shop. Why not keep the new and old Astro Trac side by side ? They are very different products.

On the web site it is made clear that the funds for a deposit for the new model are not being covered by Escrow - or a trust etc. Once you have released you pre-order-payment .... hope for the best. Not me, having stung to often by backing nice projects on crowdsourcing platforms.

I feel bad to write this , as the AstroTrac 360 I use on a weekly if not some times nightly basis is by design a real nice product to use and to look at, but yes , customer care is as important as a good product !

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