Images from my recently acquired GR2

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Re: Images from my recently acquired GR2

I love both your  view on being an amateur in photography and the series of pics you posted here.

Roughly half of them make me very jealous because i really like them.

Why we love making pics? Because a pic can tell more than a thousand words, i think we all try to make every time again this 1000 words picture.

Unfortunalty, i fear too often the click results in a 1 word picture, so we keep searching for this 1000 word picture.

Wehter the scene is perfect, the setting, the framing, the focussing, does not matter, as long as it has 1000 words, the picture is great.

That is why i like Ricoh so much, it has that capability to surprise you, to sometimes make this 1000 words picture almost by itself.

Please remain "mindless", its the best mind setting to keep shooting pics, searching for 1000 word pictures.

Most paid photographers are forced to often shoot series of pics, those pics are mindless and often boring and dull. Pics of weddings, etc, dull. Few of them can live from their mindless picture books, But really live from it, just a few lucky ones....

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