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Roland Karlsson wrote:

furtle wrote:

All I want is a much, much faster auto focus. Make it as good as a Ricoh GR and happy days. The rest can remain the same (as a Quattro). How hard can that be?

I do not think Sigma can do this. This is a totally different skill sets than what they have. And nothing they ever have had as a priority.

Where do you get the idea that Sigma has not had good (and fast) auto-focus as a priority Roland? Aren't their lenses fast at auto-focus? They have to compete with Tamron and both Nikon and Canon. THAT means they put auto-focus at a very high level of priority, up near the image quality and image stabilization, no doubt. As far as making cameras with good auto-focus, I remember that the SD1 supposedly had improved auto-focus. The SD Quattro has special pixels for improving auto-focus, if I'm not mistaken. With at least one of the firmware updates for the SD Quattro (and I believe the SD Quattro H too) there was an improvement in auto-focus.

"It is possible to offer faster AF speed for the lenses from the Contemporary, Art and Sports lines by 10 – 30%, and has further improved the focusing accuracy." -

If I remember correctly, one of the advantages of the DP Quattro cameras over the DP Merrill cameras is their focus speed and accuracy.

I have no doubt that that Sigma will improve the speed and accuracy of auto-focus in their cameras with each new generation. I don't see any indication that they have not kept auto-focus speed and accuracy as a priority throughout the development of their camera lines.

In particular this is hard for the sd cameras.

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