Fuji like picture profile for sony jpegs ?

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Re: Fuji like picture profile for sony jpegs ?

uhligfd wrote:

The answer to this "why would anyone... " lies in the simplicity of ooc jpegs. If one is not trained or willing to post process to any desired profile and look, it is hard to be un-lazy with any non-desired camera and expect other manufacturers' looks. Even a $12,000 Hasselblatt medium format digital camera would be unusable for Fuji looks right out of camera unless one can pp.

That is why: convenience and lack of pp skills and depending solely on ooc jpegs is the reason. Once one has made a Fuji like profile, it is one click away in pp under presets. Laziness is no click and no thought away with a Fuji camera.

OP's choice.

If you think that Fuji has some magic and it's OOC jpegs are all look good, you are very wrong. To get nice result  from Fuji camera, one has to learn how to use it and learn all the jpeg and film settings (S&H, DR, color, etc.). And only after that one might get a good result. But usually it ends with "screw it all, I'll just shoot raw" cause you have  to be very experienced with Fuji cameras and settings to select just the exact setup for the exact scene. Most of the time you have no time for this, so you end up with some basic presets which are "okay".

I bought Fuji with similar thoughts (oh yeah, I will spend more time shooting rather than PPing in front of the monitor!). Not even close. After a year of owning X-T20 I learnt how to get nice colors in landscape shots, but still couldn't get what I wanted with portraits and used presets. So, no magic there, just a work with in-camera settings. Which, basically, you can do with any modern camera.

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