Actual shutter actuation

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Re: Actual shutter actuation

The disturbed contents of the box alone would ring alarm bells to me. Presumably then, the box wasn't sealed?

I've also used Shutercounter to check the actuations on a camera that I've bought and so far, the results have always tallied with the figure that the buyers have supplied.

I'm slightly puzzled though as to how you achieved two or three differing results?

Another way to check the number of actuations is to open an image, I think a Jpeg. will be easiest, using Picasa and in the "Properties" column on the right, there's a figure marked "image number". I think that you'll find that that's your shutter count.

It's the fifth box from the bottom of the list.

I don't have a recent unprocessed Jpeg. to check via Shuttercounter but I've just looked at a recent processed one using Picasa and the "image number" does indeed coincide with what I reckon the camera had taken at that point.

Could be worth checking an new image using both methods?

Hi the box was sealed to be fair but definitely didn't seem right. I can olly get the count by going into the detailed metsdata, for some reason this shows 3 different image counts, image 1 and 2 the same and consistent with the number of photos taken the 3rd in fact seems to be giving fluctuating figures on retest, anywhere from 50,000 to 69,000. Wondering if this is maybe a false reading as shutter counter not truly compatible with the Sony A7. The seller has offered a considerable discount if I'm happy to keep the camera which makes the decision more confusing??!

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