Size Advantage FF vs APS-C

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I know this is an old thread and I don't want to start a new discussion, or a new thread. But since I still often link to the thread, I wanted to update the charts.

We all know that for overall system size both the size of the lenses and the size of the bodys is important. In the last year many manufacturers of all system sizes started producing bodys of similar size.

Which brings up the question, what switching between system gives you in lens size advantages. Maybe surprisingly equivalent lenses on smaller formats are neither smaller or lighter, as you can see in the picture below.

But not all lenses have an equivalent match, as you can see on the next image. It also shows the weight advantage/ disadvantage of the Fuji system.

So, if you use the high end bodys and equivalent lenses on mirrorless cameras there is no real weight advantage for any system. That said many other manufacturers also offer smaller bodys and Sony doesn’t have equivalent lenses for many smaller lenses. So, do you think Sony should fill this gap for both cameras and lenses? Should Sony produce something, like a lightweight A6 and a set of small primes and “dark” zooms?

I think there is a demand for those. And I would definitely buy some “darker” zooms, if they get more travel friendly.

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